BRANDI SHIGLEY: orphan, born Baby Girl Gonzales
SAMMY 'SHOESBOX MOSES' TAGGETT: orphan, thrown away in a shoebox

Brandi Shigley, Founder of Fashion Denver, is also a TEDx Speaker and a serial entrepreneur. Brandi is often a featured subject in articles on Fashion, entrepreneurship, and has been featured on CNN Money.   


Sammy Taggett, (Shoeboxmoses) is an International DJ featured in FORBES as an authority on new tech in the Festival space. He is best known for his work as the official DJ for elite events with Sir Richard Branson, the Mavericks Entrepreneurial group and as the esteemed DJ for Mindvalley's A-fest.  Sammy spends a majority of the year on tour performing at events around the world for changemakers.   You can also find Sammy sharing the stages at GlobalDanceFest with the worlds biggest musical acts, Snoop Dog, Avicii, Kaskade, Tiesto, Empire of the Sun and Grammy award winner Skrillex.


The real beauty in the story of Brandi and Sammy is that they were both adopted from the same orphanage in Manilla, Philippines, and forged a friendship in Denver Colorado, before both discovering that their roots stemmed from the same facility. 


It was on their first humanitarian mission "Clean Water Philippines", where they discovered that not only were they adopted at similar times, but they were also both adopted out of the same orphanage. The odds of this are incredible considering the astounding fact that there an estimated 1.8 Million orphans in the Philippines.

Brandi Shigley: "I was abandoned at the hospital in Manila, Philippines and then lived in an orphanage for about eight months. For the next eight months of my life, a woman named Marie Dehner fostered me until I was adopted into the Shigley family in Colorado. Sammy was found in the trash, thrown away in a shoebox and someone brought him to the orphanage. "

Sammy: "Research shows that having the arts and music in children is essential. We know that intuitively as humans - parents sing to their babies. Studies show that children and teenagers who participated in arts programs have shown more positive academic and social outcomes in comparison to those who did not. It’s why educational platforms are at the heart of our mission.”

Fueled by a desire to give back and create lasting social change for good, Brandi and Sammy founded, The Foundlings with the mission is to provide education and creative learning platforms for orphanages in the Philippines to support youth for long term outcomes of meaningful lives, sustainable development, and economic self-sufficiency.

    Brandi being cared for by Filipino adoption workers

Sammy creating community and providing humanitarian services with Filipino orphans

    Brandi as an infant leaving the Philippines on her way to Denver

to meet her new adoptive family


We are a 501(c3) nonprofit organization providing education and creative learning platforms for orphanages in the Philippines to support youth for long term outcomes of meaningful lives, sustainable development and economic self-sufficiency. 


Accountability: We take responsibility for using our resources efficiently, achieving measurable results, and being accountable to supporters, partners and families.

Collaboration: We respect and value each other, thrive on our diversity, and work with partners to leverage our global strength in making a difference for youth and families.

Creativity: We are open to new ideas, embrace change, and take disciplined risks to develop sustainable solutions for and with youth and families.

Education: We seek to expand educational opportunity in ways that are life-changing for children and transforming for their communities. Likewise, we seek to learn and improve constantly in our organization.

Leadership: We strive to develop and become the leaders necessary to realize educational excellence and equity. We establish bold visions and invest others in working towards them.

Strategic: We work in purposeful, strategic, and resourceful ways to achieve our goals and outcomes.


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The Foundlings is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization consistently ranked in good standing with the State of Colorado.  

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